Dinosaurs are not extinct. They're still with us today, in the form of birds and in full-sized animatronic recreations thanks to Dino Don Lessem. He s...View Details

The chat with Christina Zenato from season one was fascinating. In this reediting for season 2, it's even more illuminating. You might just find shark...View Details

From the moment we’re born, we’re living in the shadow of death. It’s coming for all of us and there’s nothing we can do. Well yes there is. We can be...View Details

You can find museums for just about everything. Bottle caps, gas pumps, old cars. There's even a museum devoted to the penis. Thordur O. Thordarson is...View Details

The Metaverse has entered popular culture and is making inroads into real llife. Fernando De La Peña is working hard to make the Metaverse a reality w...View Details

Knowing the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda were facing extinction, Dian Fossey dedicated her life to saving them.  Sadly, her life was cut short but the ...View Details

Going Kind

At a time when London was being consumed by civil unrest, Bernadette Russell decided there wasn't enough kindness in the world. She endeavored to spen...View Details

Today's entertainment could be tomorrow's classics. Just ask Shakespeare. Better yet, listen to pop culture expert Roy Schwartz explain fairy tales, v...View Details

Each year, a group of academics rate the world's happiest countries. It's a science and John Helliwell is one of the founding scientists. There are wa...View Details

Living in History

Jamie Arty, with her husband Frantz, set out to restore a historic old mansion on New York's Long Island. She discovered a lot of things, including th...View Details

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